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Today’s Top Headlines: 8.9 Million Australians go Online for their Daily News

1 minute read | February 2014

Whether they are browsing international headlines, local news, politics or the latest tech gadgets, 8.9 million Australians visited news websites in January 2014 – a recovery from seasonal lows typically experienced by news sites in December.

More than half of all Australians (57%) were active on the Web, and each visitor to news sites spent an average of 2 hours and 54 minutes on those sites in total during the month.

So which sites do Australians browse most when they’re looking for the latest news headlines? website topped the list of news brands with 2.77 million unique visitors in January 2014 and also tops in terms of engagement, as visitors spent close to two minutes (1:47) on average, browsing content during the month.

Closely following was with 2.76 million unique visitors and ninemsn with 2.45 unique visitors.

Top news websites by unique Australian audience – January 2014

Name Unique Audience (000) Page Views Per Person Sessions Per Person Time Per Person (hh:mm:ss) 2,767 64 13.02 01:47:14 2,751 41 11.87 01:27:57
ninemsn News Websites 2,454 30 12.33 00:49:21
Yahoo!7 News Websites 2,391 20 7.29 00:27:53
ABC News Websites 1,728 37 11.15 00:47:55
Herald Sun 1,580 22 7.05 00:32:35
The Age 1,432 59 14.17 01:47:59
MailOnline 1,401 17 5.23 00:49:32 1,325 14 5.67 00:23:56
BBC 1,224 27 6.30 00:46:38

Source: Nielsen Online Ratings, Hybrid data January 2014.

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