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Eye-catching TV Analysis: Taiwanese TV Light, Moderate and Heavy Audiences

3 minute read | December 2015

Have you ever sat in front of the TV waiting for the winner to be announced, or turned down a friend’s invitation just to watch the finale at home? As an important medium for everyone to obtain information and entertainment, how much time do we spend watching TV every day? Nielsen will give you a picture of what TV light, medium and heavy viewers look like, focusing on their strengths and opportunities.

The contact rate of nearly three young and moderate viewers has slightly lost, and the loyalty of heavy viewers in cable and other channels has increased
From January to September 2015, Taiwanese viewers watched TV for an average of 3 hours and 45 minutes a day. Compared with the past two years, the viewing time did not change much. The light, medium and heavy viewers also showed the same phenomenon. Different, but both have a stable dependence on TV media. In terms of the average daily contact performance, the overall audience contact rate from January to September 2015 decreased compared with the same period of the past two years. Except for the heavy audience contact performance, the performance of the light and moderate audience has been slightly lost in recent years. Also affected by the contact rate has declined.

Observing the stickiness of light, medium and heavy viewers on TVB channels, cable channels and other channels respectively, the viewing time of overall viewers on TVB channels in the past three years has remained stable, except for moderate viewers who received a decrease in daytime viewing time from January to September 2015 Influence, except for the decline of about 5 minutes compared with the same period of previous years, the time spent watching wireless channels by light and heavy viewers did not change much. Compared with the situation where the viewing stickiness of wireless channels remained flat, the overall viewing time of cable and other channels has increased year by year in the past three years, mainly due to the contribution of heavy viewers. Viewers watch an average of 7 minutes more TV a day, showing that this group is becoming more loyal to cable and other channels.

Then from the weekly weekends and the whole day, we will observe the viewing performance of light, medium and heavy audiences respectively. On the whole, affected by their lifestyles, viewers spend 26 more minutes watching TV on weekends, and light and heavy viewers have similar performances, but moderate viewers have the biggest difference in viewing time between weeks and weekends, with an average of more on weekends than on weekends. 40 minutes during the week, more inclined to holiday-type viewers.

In terms of viewing performance during the time period, 18:00-23:59 is the prime time period with the best viewing performance in the whole day. From the TVR INDEX of the audience ratings index, it can be seen that the main viewing of light and moderate audiences are concentrated here. The viewing intensity of heavy viewers in the non-prime time period from 02:00 to 17:59 is more prominent than that of the overall audience at the same time period. Audiences have different lifestyles, and their viewing performance is naturally different. The following will describe the appearance of light, medium and heavy audiences from the aspects of age and work status.

Light viewers are single and young, moderate viewers have many workers, and heavy viewers are aging
From the perspective of age stratification, mild audiences are the youngest, with more than half of them under the age of 35, and the proportion of people over 55 years old is significantly lower than that of the overall TV; the profile of moderate audiences is similar to Taiwan’s population structure, mainly 25-54 years old; severe audiences The audience is obviously an elderly structure, with more than half of them over the age of 55, of which the proportion over the age of 65 is much higher than that of TV as a whole.

If you would like to know more about the detailed Nielsen 2015 TV Light, Moderate and Heavy TV audience appearance report, please click “Request Download Report” on the right column.

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