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Tuning into australia’s tv habits

2 minute read | December 2015


Close to nine in ten Australians are tuning into live broadcast television each week to watch their favourite shows. Most recently, the first ever day-night cricket test match saw a bumper audience of 1.670 million metro viewers tune in over the weekend.

The latest Australian Multi-Screen Report for Q3 2015 – from Regional TAM, OzTAM and Nielsen – shows Australians are watching an average of 90 hours and 42 minutes on in-home sets per month. This number has fallen by 6 hours and 16 minutes per month since the prior year, reflecting how Australians are spreading their video viewing across a range of screen options.

New technologies are creating additional opportunities for people to view broadcast TV and other video content. Consumers are now offered a bevvy of options to view video and Q3 results show the impact of this choice. Australians are now spending increasing time viewing video on the internet via video on demand apps, broadcaster playback websites, and on mobile devices.

More choice is leading Australians to spread their viewing across content and platform options. While this means they spend a little less time each month watching ‘traditional’ TV, broadcast television reach remains high: most Australians, younger and older alike, watch linear television every week.

Younger Australians in particular are increasingly use connected devices to watch any video content. While TV in the home remains the core screen for consuming video, Australians aged 18 – 24 watch the most video on the internet via a PC or laptop each month, viewing 15:15 hour’s worth of content. Teens on the other hand lead on-the-go video consumption and spend 14:08 hours each month watching video on their smartphones.

This is sure to grow as time spent on the Internet increases and viral bite sized videos on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook continue to proliferate.

Australians are also spending an increasing amount of time using their TV sets for activities other than TV, including internet browsing, watching OTT internet-delivered services, playback beyond the 7-day broadcast consolidation window, gaming, streaming music and watching DVDs.

The TV set remains at the core of video consumption and this won’t change anytime soon. What is changing rapidly though, is the expansion of screen time and screen types as Australians get comfortable with viewing video content on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. There’s never been as much of a need for a complete view of the consumers’ media consumption as there is today.

Click here to download the full report

About The Australian Multi-Screen ReportThe Australian Multi-Screen Report, released quarterly, is the first and only national research into trends in video viewing in Australian homes across television, computers and mobile devices. It combines data from the three best available research sources: the OzTAM and Regional TAM television ratings panels and Nielsen’s national NetView panel, Consumer & Media View database and Australian Connected Consumers report.

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