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Screen Time Still an Australian Pastime

2 minute read | March 2018

The latest figures from the Australian Video Viewing Report from Regional TAM, OzTAM and Nielsen show the average Australian home now has 6.6 screens in which to consume video content. These screens include multiple devices such as internet-capable TVs, tablets, smartphones, and high definition (HD) TV sets.

More devices in homes and extensive content choice encourage the cross-screen ‘spreading’ and is changing viewing patterns. The ‘spreading’ that arises from cross-platform and multi-screen activity has impacted the amount of time people spend watching ‘traditional’ TV, which is particularly apparent in the evenings and in live viewing.

However, broadcast TV watched on in-home TV sets still accounts for most video viewing. The report found 19.64 million Australians (82.6% of the population in people metered markets) watched broadcast TV (free-to-air and subscription channels) on in-home TV sets each week in Q4 2017.

Additionally, each day, Australians spend an average of two hours and 27 minutes watching live TV and playing back recorded TV content through their TV sets within 28 days. On monthly basis this equates to 74 hours and 58 minutes.

Furthermore, Australians in all age groups continue to watch TV. For example, across any given day, 18 to 24-year-olds, the highest engagers of video content online, still watched nearly two-thirds (63.1%) of broadcast TV weekly in the latest quarter. This age bracket also spent almost 22 hours per  month watching video viewing via a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

On average, Australians played 347 million minutes of broadcasters’ online content each week on connected devices in Q4 2017. Most of the time (258 million minutes) was spent viewing catch-up or on demand shows, while 89 million minutes was spent on live viewing.

The amount of broadcasters’ online TV content viewed also continues to grow with one to two per cent of all broadcast TV content viewed each week being streamed via the internet.

Download the full report by clicking on the blue button at the top of the page.

About the Australian Video Viewing Report

The Australian Video Viewing Report, released quarterly, is the country’s only national research into trends in video viewing in Australian homes across television, computers and mobile devices drawing on the best available measurement sources. It combines data from the OzTAM and Regional TAM television ratings panels; Nielsen Online Ratings; Nielsen’s Australian Connected Consumers report; and OzTAM’s Video Player Measurement (VPM) data.

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