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Tops of 2018: Television

2 minute read | December 2018

Needless to say, television in 2018 has provided a lot of drama—from a genre standpoint, of course—and the year isn’t even over yet. The last 12 months have kept TV viewers glued to their seats (in some cases, barstools), with historical murder mysteries, apocalyptic tales, supernatural airplanes and one very problematic slow-cooker.

But viewers also found plenty of outlets for reprieve. From squabbling socialites, to comedy classic reboots and spinoffs, to a talent show that spanned across the nation, audiences made sure to laugh and admire the extraordinary after all the seat-gripping and heartache from TV dramas.

Not to mention, they made sure to get in their gym, tan and laundry, even after 10 years.

Sports, yet again, captivated some of the year’s largest audiences. Football, in particular, had us tuned in with games featuring Stephon Diggs and a certain miracle in Minnesota. On the game’s biggest stages, it was actually the backup quarterbacks that delivered performances that would make Rocky proud, as the Crimson Tide took the Georgia Bulldogs down in an overtime thriller while Nick Foles and his Eagles unseated the mighty New England Patriots from the football throne.

Families of all kinds were on full display across the list of top shows for the year as well, whether they were watched live or time-shifted. This year saw the continuation of how of love, and tragedy, are piecing together the story of one family, but also how hijinx, misadventures and rebel children are picking up the pieces of another.

Television had an increasingly diverse amount of quality content to offer through 2018 so far. With more to watch and more ways to watch, viewers should be excited for what the new year has to offer.

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  • Tops of 2018: Television

    From squabbling socialites, to comedy classic reboots and spinoffs, to a talent show that spanned across the nation,…