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Amplifying Black voices in media

1 minute read | October 2022

Creating informed, thoughtful and authentic experiences

Black buying power in the U.S. is estimated to grow to $1.98 trillion by 20251. And while most brands acknowledge that Black consumers are critical to their growth and cultural relevance, earning Black consumers’ business can prove challenging as Black people around the world become more discerning of how, where and when brands are targeting them.

To make inroads with Black audiences, brands and advertisers are investing heavily. But all those dollars will be ill-spent if campaigns don’t resonate with audiences, or worse, turn them away with representation that misses the mark. 

In this report, we explore recommendations for brands and advertisers to create connections within the Black community, and how to engage Black talent from the ground up in order to create informed, thoughtful and authentic experiences for Black consumers. 

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