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Nielsen Brand Sustainability Report: An Independent Report That Gauges How Australians Perceive A Brand’s Sustainability Strategy

2 minute read | April 2022

Sydney, Australia, 7 April 2022 – Nielsen will soon release its independent Brand Sustainability Report that will provide brands and advertisers with key insights on how their company sustainability efforts are resonating with consumers. 

Historically many industry reports have focused on what companies are doing to support sustainability. Nielsen is transforming this by independently reporting what consumers think about it – do they know about their efforts, do they believe what they are saying, do they support them and does it increase their likelihood of purchases? 

Monique Perry, Nielsen Pacific Managing Director said, “We really care about providing long term brand sustainability measures that support the media industry to understand consumer perceptions of Brands and leverage the power of the media to tell their sustainability story.”

Recent Nielsen research shows that more than half of Australian consumers are actively making an effort to shop sustainably. Unfortunately, they’re often unaware of a company’s sustainability credentials before making a purchase – creating a sustainability gap between what brands are doing and what consumers are acknowledging – something this report seeks to change.

Andrew Palmer, Nielsen Head of Media Analytics Australia, said “Sustainability is an integral part of a brand’s business strategy. At Nielsen, we want to help the industry to have a deeper understanding of how consumers are perceiving their sustainability strategies and the best way to reach and engage with them. And most importantly with the right media activation strategy to close the sustainability promise gap”.

While 50% of consumers have a positive view of the sustainability messaging they see from companies, 40% are on the fence about what they view, read and hear – a huge untapped market for businesses who know how to resonate effectively on sustainability.

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