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Nielsen honored with two industry awards

3 minute read | August 2022

TVTY, acquired by Nielsen in 2021, has received two prestigious industry awards for its TV+ Search offering that helped optimize Nestle’s Gerber search ads. TVTY was named a winner of the 2022 MarTech Breakthrough Awards in the Best SEM Solution category and the 2022 Sales and Marketing Technology Awards in the Product of the Year category, presented by Business Intelligence Group.

The MarTech Breakthrough recognizes the companies, technologies and products that drive the marketing technology industry forward and help brands effectively meet their business objectives through value, agility, innovation, expertise, and impact. The Sales and Marketing Technology Awards recognize the technologies and organizations helping to solve the challenges companies have connecting and collaborating with prospects and customers.

The TVTY and Openmind teams collaboratively made strategic, data-driven decisions to narrow its audience focus that resulted in higher engagement, smarter conquests and more clicks for Gerber’s digital ads.

In 2021, Openmind, an agency team within GroupM, facilitated a relationship with TVTY on behalf of their client, Nestle’s Gerber, with the goal of more effectively reaching Gerber’s target audience through TVTY’s TV + Search offering. The TV + Search solution can detect TV ads on more than 450 channels across 20 countries in EMEA and North America, 24 hours a day, and automatically sends signals to trigger Google and Bing ads when a relevant TV spot airs, prioritizing areas where consumers are most likely to engage.

When competitor sync rates grew, making it difficult for TVTY to zone in on moments that might drive higher intent, TVTY and Openmind conducted a deep dive to identify which channels Gerber specifically aired ads on TV to help determine where Gerber’s key audience was more likely to be. Instead of triggering Google and Bing ads off all competitive TV spot airings, the teams shifted to only triggering off airings that happen on TV channels that Gerber airs on, too. Within weeks it was clear that the focus on the targeted conquesting more effectively captured Gerber’s audiences; all engagement rates during a TV moment went up significantly.

The joint strategies ultimately power a more effective search conquesting approach that has elevated Nestle’s ability to capitalize on TV driven interest through its search media.

“It has been a pleasure working with the TVTY team over the years, making it such an honor to share these award wins with them,” said Gabrielle Woods, Search Manager at Openmind. ! “This optimization came from our shared vision for the Gerber brand and serves as valuable learning for Nestle and beyond.”

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