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Maximize Your TV Advertising Effectiveness

1 minute read | May 2016

A strong ad that builds emotional and behavioral connections with consumers will not only help drive sales for the brand, but can also drive long-term brand loyalty and equity down the road.

National commercials produced by an advertising agency cost an average of $342,000 for a 30-second spot, according to the American Association of Advertising Agencies. With the increase in devices used to watch TV programming, and the ways to multi-task while doing so, it becomes challenging for advertisers to ensure their ad dollars are well spent and ads are effectively resonating with viewers.

An ad’s success is ultimately defined by its ability to efficiently reach a brand’s key consumers, break through the clutter and get correctly attributed to the advertised brand. To maximize ROI, advertisers need to know if their ads and brands are resonating in the memories of their core consumers in time to correct their campaigns while they’re in flight.

Memorability Matters

We are all exposed to ads from multiple media sources, seemingly every minute of every day. With the sheer quantity of exposure, it’s easy for consumers to look right through ads and not be engaged–leaving advertisers lost in the clutter of the marketplace.

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