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Nielsen Mexico Earns HRC Equality Recognition

2 minute read | December 2017

Our offices in Mexico recently earned the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation’s Corporate Equality Certification for 2018. This was Nielsen’s first such recognition in Mexico; the company has been honored by the HRC five years in a row in the U.S.

HRC Mexico released its first International Report of Equality, recognizing 32 multinational enterprises for LGBTQ inclusion. The HRC’s evaluation is designed to promote public policies and best practices around the inclusion of LGBTQ people in workplaces throughout Mexico. Our recently formed Nielsen Mexico PRIDE group led the efforts to achieve our 100% score on the HRC’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI) in Mexico.

Equidad MX, the specific HRC certification, promotes three strategic pillars of LGBTQ inclusion in the private sector:

  1. The adoption of nondiscrimination policies
  2. The development of employee groups, creating a committee of diversity and inclusion
  3. Public activities to support LGBTQ inclusion in Mexico

We earned this certification and the maximum rating in the inaugural report based on our focus on creating a work environment free of discrimination, the work of our local Employee Resource Group (our local PRIDE Chapter), and our efforts—through public actions and community support—to generate a more inclusive society. As an example, in June, more than 80 of our associates in Mexico participated in a Pride Parade held in Mexico City, demonstrating our commitment to LGBTQ equality and inclusion.  

“Diversity and Inclusion is a global business imperative here at Nielsen and one of our most valued corporate assets,” said Armando Uriegas, General Director, Nielsen Mexico. “We are extremely pleased to say that Nielsen Mexico has received this recognition and honor; our commitment to promoting a safe and inclusive work environment for all our employees is fundamental to our corporate culture.”

“As we work to infuse D&I into everything we do at Nielsen, part of that work, as a global company, is sharing what works in one part of the world in as many other places that make sense,” said Chief Diversity Officer Angela Talton. “Nielsen has a proud history of earning 100% on HRC’s CEI in the U.S. for the last five consecutive years. This honor is an excellent example of how we are exporting best practices established in one geography to increase inclusion in our offices around the world.”

Nielsen Mexico is also part of Pride Connection. This multinational group in Mexico shares, enhances and promotes diversity and inclusion best practices and is focused on promoting inclusive workplace environments and talent acquisition, as well as developing ally networks. The group also promotes diversity and inclusion from the c-suite level. Pride Connection Mexico also includes some of the largest multinational companies, including several of our clients.