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Case Study: Measuring The Effectiveness Of Influencer Marketing Beyond Likes And Shares

1 minute read | June 2020

As brands and agencies still struggle to understand the real impact of Influencer campaigns beyond likes and shares, Nielsen’s Influencer Brand Effect is an important third-party measurement tool that helps marketers assess the effectiveness of their Influencer strategy in delivering brand KPIs.

Looking to drive relevance and a “positive energy” association amongst its Gen Z audience, the soft drink brand Lucozade Energy and agency The Fifth chose Nielsen’s Influencer Brand Effect to measure the impact of their#POSITIVECHAIN social media video series, featuring six of the UK’s top Influencers.

The study’s powerful insights into the campaign’s effectiveness to identify which Influencer content resonated the most with the target 18-25 audience, coupled with the solution’s creative evaluation and sentiment analytics, gave agency and advertiser the tools to explore and refine their approach for future Influencer marketing campaigns.

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