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Maybe Advertisers Are Just Not That Into You…and How You Can Change That!

1 minute read | February 2009

Jon Gibs

On February 6th, John Burbank and I led a Webinar about online brand advertising, and we came to this conclusion – publishers need to change what they’re doing to attract the best long-term advertising partners. Who are these most-coveted of advertisers? Long-term advertising partners tend to buy consistently in large volumes and high concentrations on just a few sites. They advertise more frequently on media brands with cultural cache – brands that friends are likely to recommend to each other.

So how do you court these long-term partners? First and foremost, our research indicates that publishers continually need to strive for increased customer satisfaction and an excellent reputation among consumers. And to some extent, size matters too. Long-term advertisers are looking for at least a moderate level of reach since they focus on fewer sites overall. Finally, your Web site should encourage visitors to spend time there and interact with the online environment. This increases the value of advertising inventory you’re selling, especially for long-term partners.

There are things publishers can do in terms of their advertising offerings as well. We recommend you move away from cutting up Web pages into small standardized ad units and toward a higher quality inventory with customized options.

These long-term advertising partners are looking to spend money online – and with the right strategic changes, we hope it will be with you. Please download the Webinar presentation here and feel free to contact me for more information.

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