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Case Study: The Relationship of Digital Video Programming Viewership and TV Programming

1 minute read | August 2016

The growing popularity of digital video finds more and more Americans watching TV content on desktops, smartphones and tablets. This change in how content is consumed has advertisers and agencies paying closer attention to the relationship between digital video viewership and traditional TV programming, and examining how emerging synergies between the two can be used to improve brand-building opportunities and boost campaign effectiveness.

YouTube commissioned a Nielsen study to explore the relationship between YouTube engagement and TV program viewership, and whether or not there is a direct correlation in viewing habits. Nielsen’s analysis revealed that there is in fact a positive connection between both YouTube views, uploaded TV content on YouTube and TV reach.

Key findings revealed a statistically significant relationship between TV reach and higher YouTube engagement among persons 18-years of age and older. The more people watched TV program content on YouTube, the more likely they were to tune into that show on linear TV. And conversely, YouTube viewership rose as TV program reach increased.

As digital video viewership continues to grow on platforms such as YouTube, advertisers, agencies and TV programmers have an opportunity to leverage the connection between digital views and TV audiences. This presents a valuable means to communicate brand messages to a wider audience, at the same time grow audience share.

For additional insights, download the full case study.

For the methdology for the case study, click here.

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