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Taking Control Mid-Flight: A Case Study in Optimising an Online Campaign while still Active

2 minute read | Rachel Shaw, Director – Marketing Effectiveness, Nielsen | December 2014

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to measure the lift in awareness of a brand’s promotional offer online. When you’re spending thousands of dollars on a brand campaign – it’s not only important to measure success post-campaign, but also to have the visibility and the power to do something about it while it’s still active.

This is why an increasing number of companies are investing in technology that allows them to view campaign performance in real-time. A collaborative approach is also ideal. Getting everyone looking at the same data to identify immediate optimisations sparks action. It’s one of the most effective ways to ensure a campaign performs to its full potential.


One of Australia’s fastest growing retail chains was launching a new promotion for one of its new product lines. The retailer and its agency, MediaCom, worked with Fairfax Media, Australia’s leading provider of online news and classifieds, to launch the product targeting a 25-49 year old audience. To ensure the campaign’s success, Mediacom wanted relevant, real time brand lift metrics that it could proactively monitor and optimise, and use it to communicate directly with publishers.

Using Nielsen Online Brand Effect, Fairfax Media and MediaCom were able to directly collaborate on the brand’s performance throughout the campaign. Together, they reviewed key campaign elements driving awareness – creatives and frequency. Mediacom was able to make two critical brand lift optimisation changes in partnership with Fairfax Media in order to drive the campaigns awareness more efficiently and increase usage to best performing ad size.

Actionable real-time data allowed for in-flight optimisations, and with the advertiser and its partners working together in the digital media ecosystem, Nielsen was able to help the campaign maximise brand lift and ultimately, improve ROI.


Mediacom was able to work in partnership with Fairfax Media to take inflight optimisation actions to optimise the campaign. This resulted in:

  • Increased awareness of the promotion by 35.4%
  • Drove brand lift by 23.1% after optimising and a 14.4% decrease in ‘None’ responses from control to exposed users.
  • Opened up channels of communication and through direct collaboration and proactive monitoring for optimisation opportunities, developed a stronger consultative relationship with Fairfax Media.


Nielsen Online Brand Effect is the industry solution that allows advertisers and their digital partners to quickly and cost-effectively improve the performance of their online ad campaigns, hence increasing effective media spend and maximising the value of their digital investment. Through an intuitive and collaborative dashboard, all parties involved can access a common system and work together to monitor, measure, and optimise their campaigns on brand lift.